Monday, May 6, 2013

Review Time!

The blog assignments are now over- you have learned all the 8th grade science content at this point :) All of your grades will be on your progress report on May 8th. All you have to worry about now are the review packets for EOG review.

Review Packets
1. Hydrology (you already have this one)
2. Matter/Energy (you will have to access BrainPop for the energy videos)
3. Earth History/Evolution (only two pages)
4. Organisms (Health and Disease)/Ecosystems (only three pages)

I have all of them printed and ready to go for you! All you have to do is ask for them. You may work on them at any time and turn them in for credit as you finish. You must complete all the review sheets by MAY 20th (That's when EOGs start!!).

We will take a practice EOG one day between May 13-17. Please suggest a day via the blog that would be best (we will have to use the morning time 8:30-9:25 since the test is 60 questions- we can still use Mr. Arnold's lab that day). If no suggestions are given, it will be Monday May 13th. Thanks!

Ms. Lilly

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ecosystems (April 29th-May 3rd)

Ecosystems may be a review from 6th grade. Remember when you built the little terrarium out of 2 liter plastic soda bottles, soil and earthworms? And they made the classroom smell really really bad? If not, don't worry- we will review what you need to know for ecosystems.

Assignment 1- Please view my prezi about the organization of ecosystems and take your own notes, OR fill in the blanks on this notes sheet. Turn in to me via email at by May 3rd.

Assignment 2- Visit an ecosystem on your own time (a pond, the beach, the forest/park, etc.) and comment about the following:
1) Abiotic and biotic factors you saw in your chosen ecosystem
2) Explain how factors like food, water and shelter affect the populations in your chosen ecosystem
3) List a producer, consumer, and decomposer in your ecosystem
4) Where do you see coexistence/cooperation, competition, predator/prey relationships, parasitism, and mutualism?   (due May 3rd)

Ms. Lilly

Monday, April 8, 2013

Biotechnology (April 22nd- May 1st)

This assignment does not offically start until April 22nd.

But for those of you who are ready to move on.... Here is the link for the biotechnology prezi. For this assignment, you will take notes on the prezi (and email them to me.... do not just copy and paste my own text... I already know what it says- I mean, take notes!). If you are feeling lazy, you can use these skeleton notes, fill them in and email them to me. Then you research one biotech career of your choice and present it to us on the blog. Both of these assignments (notes and prezi) are due April 29th. Then you comment on one other career and why it interests you. (Comments due May 1).

I would advise getting started early in the week, as this is a lot of work.


research project: